What We Do

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Beer Ireland is basically the majority of Ireland’s brewers working together to help each other and the industry as a whole, we want to nurture new comers to a brewing career with contacts, guides and education. Develop the industry to providing the highest quality beer and service to the consumer. Provide a platform for breweries to join together to increase buying power, combined export and level the playing field for smaller breweries.

By growing a strong industry we are securing our own future and the future of locally made beers which have been missing in Ireland for too long.

Beer Ireland is an organisation made up of, and representing, Irish microbrewers.  Our products are all produced in this country by small, independent breweries using high quality ingredients and traditional brewing methods.  We value our customers because we live in their community, we employ members of their family, we meet them in the pub, we welcome them into our brewery to share in our craft, and we recognize that, without them, we would be unable to continue doing what we love – making great beer.