Craft Brewers

2013 has seen a significant increase in the number of craft breweries in Ireland. See the interactive map below for locations of new and established Irish breweries. All locations are approximate, so please check the actual addresses of breweries you wish to visit.

Breweries marked with a star have extra-friendly brewers who contribute to the craft beer community by participating in Beer Ireland.


  1. Damian Martin

    Good to see this. I made a homemade version a couple of months ago for customer information but as you can imagine went out of date soon after. Do you have a hard copy of this? If so I would love to get my hands on one for the shop.

    • admin

      Thanks Damian, it’s made with Google Maps, so just the online version I’m afraid.

  2. Eoin Lyncj

    Can you include us in the above list.
    We consider or selves relatively friendly

    • admin

      Hi Eoin, no problem, a nice gold star now for the Cotton Ball.

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